Google Punishes Content Farms:


Google Punishes Content Farms

Google has changes search algorithms to refer to the content provider of low cost to the rear. Now hear the criticism, the surgery is very radical.

Google algorithms

Often more than 200 times a year, the engineers tinker Google search algorithm and present the results on the page. And remember the rule, users do not, when Google has changed the method by which searches the network.

The latest revision of the search algorithm was so intrusive that the group itself made public. For every seventh site, in fact, the result shifted upwards or degraded – in U.S. only. Some of the features of Internet companies have been in their intrinsic value, even nominal so radically new that are difficult to find.

It is rare that the largest search engine so clearly demonstrated, how great is the power. “Google can control entire industries and sectors” the search engine expert Wolfgang Sander-Beuermann, President of Suma a club that is committed to free access to knowledge. “It’s as if the operator of companies in Yellow Pages can disappear.”

The review was much needed, however, says Johannes Beus, manager SISTRIX in Bonn, a provider of web analytics tools. “Google was mainly on the problems of massive United States because many users have complained about the quality of search results.”

The reason was the emergence of a new generation of Internet companies, the content of the farm call. The best is sure to occupy the top positions in the results screen, although often not in their pages to find exactly what users are actually looking for.

Maximum number of independent workers produced by these companies in the assembly line and the text of wage dumping, images or videos that are posted on the platform. The production is not important, new or interesting. Relevant question is whether Google users are searching. Have many “remove tar spots” that provide enterprises, such as the demand for media content partners or other quick text tar stains together.

The know-how of the contents to the farmers to use all such contributions are fully equipped with keywords that search engines find them easily. What is often near the top of the results. While these companies provide an order form so that the network is concerned, but hey, rarely offered.

Google wants to expel, but especially relevant results. It seems likely that the group wanted to replace with amendments, mostly to the low content provider first in the results.

The impact on the network are considerable. Especially because not only content sites affected farms. SISTRIX reported that more than 300 pages have been degraded in the results of search ads on the Web. Although the inclusion of many that could be described as a farm of content are:,,, publish or masses of articles, which can create dumped. “Most of the pages that are not affected, were among those offering the highest quality,” says CEO SISTRIX Beus.

Competitors blocked?
The mother of all holdings of content, the demand for the media company, creating the 10,000 employees free daily articles and videos up to 5000 counts, but not affected. In addition, the site, the flagship of the contents survived slingers, Google adjustments without sacrificing range.

Dirk Westphal, director of, the German branch of the Farm content is easy: “It’s not extreme, so the German team” he says. “The loss on the English side is 25 percent to 30 percent. That’s not good, of course but usually do not jeopardize the business.”

Others become victims of reason, however, it appears that the automatic decline, as the site of the prestigious British Medical Journal, blog or Technorati ranking, which specializes in the cult of Apple Mac news site “We become a civilian casualty in the war against the contents of the farms” on blogs of Mad Mac cult editor Leander Kahney.

How many pages of search engine should Cult of Mac much of the range. Obviously, the punishment was not wanted, after all, Google was now the reduction in the search ranking again.

Many users, it is right that Google has removed some of the content farms in the upper grades. Wolfgang Sander-Beuermann, which operates at the University of Hannover, the meta-search engine MetaGer the procedure, however, raises questions. “The algorithm is in fact a word that sounds like one of the objectives of mathematics,” he says. “But it’s built by people. Naturally, this raises the question of what criteria these people have programmed the algorithm. If, for example, used to compete out?”

So to the losers of the transition include the Associated Content website, which covers claims to suppliers with the help of 380 000 60 000 different topics. The 16 million visitors to the site, attracting low-cost text-machine per month, were Google’s competitors, Yahoo some values. He had bought the platform in May 2010 and according to industry estimates of $ 90,000,000 or more paid. “This site should now be a much lower value because there are fewer visitors meet with them,” Beus said.

Sander-Beuermann critics are asking: Can Google really determine hand, found on the network and who is not? And the consequences are if a search engine that actually operates in many countries as a monopoly, or exclusion from the list or may be expelled from the rear seats? Exactly what are the issues of concern to the European Commission’s antitrust complaint against Google, says Sander-Beuermann. “There is no answer at present is not. But I can not imagine that the current practice should continue. This should be greater transparency.”

Corrections 15.03.:
Sorry, but missed in the original text version Dirk Westphal an incorrect first name (John) and a bad job (general manager) in This is now fixed. Thanks for pointing out the comments from readers.

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