HP Touchpad Still US$184 Normal Price:


HP Touchpad Still US$184 Normal Price

HP Touchpad Still US$184 Normal Price. The sale of HP tablets TouchPad from €99 found raging and many customers were not the train. Now, once again 1,300 devices in Germany to the cut price will be sold.

HP Touchpad

In the early morning of 6 September 2011, the dealer Cheap Notebook Store nor even HP’s Touchpad with 32 GB at the price of €130 (US$184) sold. 1,300 Devices will be in stock, many other merchants no longer deliver the WebOS tablet.

HP’s touchpad sale action, who had no luck can try it tomorrow in the early morning at Cheap Notebook Store, as telling the dealer on his company blog. The merchant has received a delivery of 1,300 devices and sells the 32 GB model of Touchpad for €130 (US$184). This Junk prize the touchpad had sold for HP in August 2011, after giving up in mid August 2011 of the WebOS device Division. The touchpad stocks at HP were sold out within a day. An expected second sales deal remained out.

Now, the chance will give Cheap Notebook Store interested to get hold of even a touch pad. Therefore, a customer can buy always more than a touch pad. This will be achieved, that only buyers get the touchpad, not equal to resell it. The touchpad verramschten at HP were currently traded on eBay for €300 and more.

Large customer storm expected
Cheap Notebook Store expected a big rush and outsources touchpad sale on the servers of Ondango. With Ondango, the dealer has a Facebook-based shop, regularly temporary actions take place on the. Thus, the dealer wants to achieve that also with great interest the regular Web site is still available. The Facebook-shop is currently overloaded and not reachable. Notebook billiger at stated that until more servers should be set to the start of the action, so the Facebook shop tomorrow easily accessible.

A Facebook account is required to buy into the Facebook-shop of Notebooksbilliger. Otherwise, the purchase as in E-commerce will be processed usual. Customers enter their billing and shipping address and select the desired payment method, which is transmitted only to the dealer and be passed not on Facebook, promises Notebooksbilliger.

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