To Get PSN Back Up, Sony Uses Computer Detectives:


To Get PSN Back Up, Sony Uses Computer Detectives

PSN Back Up

Following the data theft could be a costly wave of lawsuits rolling towards Sony Online Entertainments. Now the thieves will find specialists as soon as possible.

Sony wants to explain the repeated theft of millions of online customer data with external investigators detectives. The goal is to catch the hacker and make the databases and networks more secure, said the Japanese consumer electronics company.

Sony Online Entertainments has yet resist growing pressure. In the U.S. demands were voiced that the government should consider the possibility of criminal and civil legal action against Sony. A law firm in Canada brought a class action lawsuit over a billion dollars on the way in which Sony is accused of violation of privacy.

As the Japanese company said, to experts of the computer security specialist Data Forte in the case with the agents of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation are working together to identify already. In addition, to protect professionals from Guidance Software and Protiviti networks and computer systems of the Group against new cyber-attacks. Industry experts suggest that credit card companies are Visa and Master Card may also already commissioned investigators.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal called on Sony in a letter to clarify the number of stolen credit card data. In addition, the Group would explain exactly when he knew what about the data theft. He would ask Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate whether Sony had not Handle the data breach against the law.

The Crisis Management Group is in a serious criticism. The company was waiting for the discovery of the first major hacker attack on its PlayStation Network for nearly a week off before it informed the customers about the possible theft of their credit card numbers.

Data protection authorities in many countries have already initiated this investigation. Now, Sony could roll on a costly wave of lawsuits. A class action was launched on Tuesday in Toronto on behalf of a 21-year-old Playstation-user, as the law firm McPhadden Samac Tuovi LLP announced

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