Vulnerabilities Were Spied Before PSN Back Up:


Vulnerabilities Were Spied Before PSN Back Up

PSN Back Up

Tragic: As it became the network managers at Sony, the safety deficiencies that led ultimately to the PlayStation Network Hack, Vulnerabilities were spied before PSN Back Up has long been known.

Currently, hardly a day goes by without more revelations. Already on Thursday apologized, the Sony boardroom with respect to the PSN failure. Ironically, it was announced that the network managers were aware of security issues.

“The vulnerability [of the network] was a known vulnerability, one known of in the world. But Sony was not aware of it… was not convinced of it.”

“We thought we had taken enough management and control measures [to ensure the network was secure], but looking back, there might have been room for further enhancement.”
Sony chief information officer, Shinji Hasejima

As Rik Ferguson, a security expert at Trend Micro, said in an interview, were not very many web servers patched with the latest security updates. This leads again to problems.

“Unfortunately, it is common for companies to run servers that they know has vulnerabilities. In the enterprise world, companies want maximum up-time. They don’t want to take their servers down, so they try to balance security with up-time. So companies try to deliver security patches in a bunch, say every few months. This of course means there’s a period of time when these vulnerabilities are not secured. Sadly a lot of companies are doing things this way”.

Rik Ferguson, Computer Sicherheitsexperte bei Trend Micro.

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