Skype Announces New In the Workplace Platform:


Skype Announces New In the Workplace Platform

Windows Live Messenger (MSN) died these are for the benefit of Skype. Online conversations software Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) pulls its reverence for the benefit of Skype, the internet telephony leader announced, Tuesday 6 November.

“Yes, Live Messenger will stop,” announces the Linda Summers, Skype marketing director. Instant chat software, worship for a generation, will draw it is reverence for the first quarter of 2013. In the meantime, all users will be invited to download Skype competitor.

This transition has been anticipated as of May 2011 when Microsoft, creator of Windows Live Messenger, announced the acquisition of Skype for USD 8.5 billion. “Since the purchase, we worked to keep our identity we bringing closer of our colleagues at Microsoft”, says Linda Summers.

This reconciliation is already translated by integration of Skype into new Windows 8 operating system, but also the possibility to connect to telephony over the internet via a software identifier Microsoft.

“We will now reconcile two communities, Skype and Messenger, for a single large community of users,” launches Skype marketing manager. “Now, Skype users will be able to discuss with those of Messenger and vice versa.” “It is a transition to our service, by taking the necessary time.”
A community of 380 million users

Skype subservient 280 million users connected every month worldwide, while Windows Live Messenger lists 100 million Internet users. The merger of the two communities will create a giant of online communication, especially since Skype can already chat with Facebook friends.

Founded in 2003, Skype is a downloadable software on any computer or connected mobile device (smartphone and touchpad). It allows to call, perform video discussions, and Exchange via written messages.

The end of Windows Live Messenger is part of Microsoft’s strategy to purify its services. In August, the computer giant announced the renovation of its e-mail service Hotmail Outlook becomes, in reference to the popular Office software.

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