FIFA Clear Bans Ex-Prisoner Leads PSSI:


FIFA Clear Bans Ex-Prisoner Leads PSSI

FIFA Clear Bans Ex-Prisoner Leads PSSI

FIFA president Joseph “Sepp” Blatter gave a statement about the situation of Indonesian football at a press conference at Parliament House East Timor, Tuesday (15/03/2011). Blatter affirmed one of the people that were involved in criminal cases should not be nominated as Chairman of the PSSI.

“I am very happy to make a clarification here about the football situation in Indonesia which has become a concern. According to an official letter that we send to the Secretary General of PSSI, Mr. Besoes, and also our press release which can be seen in, we have two problems with PSSI. The first is organizational issues concerning the Statute of the PSSI and the second is they have a breakaway league (LPI) which is not compatible with their own statutes and by the Statutes of FIFA” said Sepp Blatter.

“This situation has been discussed in the Football Association and FIFA Committee also discussed in the Executive Committee of FIFA. Executive Committee had decided that the PSSI must set the General Assembly on March 26, to vote and direct the Electoral Commission and Electoral Code adopted by the Standard Electoral Code of FIFA.”

“Electoral Commission should organize elections before 30 April and also if PSSI not able to solve the problem of breakaway league, the case will be brought again to the FIFA Executive Committee to be given the possibility of sanctions.”

“What is the meaning of this decision? The Executive Committee also understands that the Appeal Committee had to abort the application of four candidates for president. It is clear that we also have a meeting in Zurich, together with Secretary General and Director of Member Association and Development, Thierry Regenass, which is also present here . We have met representatives of PSSI, Indonesian Ambassador to Switzerland, and Rita Subowo, as my colleagues in the IOC and also Chairman of KONI. ”

“We explain the decisions of the Executive Committee and we also appreciate the decision taken by the Election Appeals Committee Chairman PSSI. We’re not talking about who can and who should not be there. Although the statute updated though, will not say who can and who should not, but that we would expect if the statute was amended in the Congress must respect the decision taken by the Appeal Committee. It is our attitude and there is no discussion about it because the ball is now played by PSSI own. ”

“Another thing about the breakaway league. It is impossible to have a breakaway league in a well-organized organization. Therefore, now is the time for the FIFA Executive Committee to ensure that interventions occur, but according to their own statutes, they must finish it, because we do not would avoid if the statute was rewritten by the association, but they should take him to the house in order. ”

“If until late April or 30 April they do not carry it out, then the case will be brought back to the FIFA Executive Committee. If there is no settlement, then the FIFA Executive Committee had no alternative but to penalize the federation and I hope we do not impose sanctions, but they must carry out the task -job. ”

When asked by a member of the Independent Coalition for National Reconciliation Football (concentration), Effendi Gazali, related criminal articles that have been the debate, Blatter invited the Member Association and Development Director, Thierry Regenass to answer it.

“As stated by the President of FIFA that the decision should be taken by the Election Committee to be formed on March 26, in accordance with the statute. We concentrate on the Statute of the PSSI that are approved by FIFA it was very clear. The point is clear that a person has ever been found guilty can not be nominated . We’re not talking about individuals here, but in a sense and logic of the statute is very clear. But in the end PSSI Selection Committee to decide” said Regenass.

Concerning the time was found guilty whether before, during congress, or forever, Regenass asserted, “Anytime!”

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