Smokin’ Joe Frazier Dies At 67:


Smokin’ Joe Frazier Dies At 67

Smokin’ Joe Frazier Dies At 67. JOE Frazier, a former boxer who once faced Muhammad Ali in the famous trilogy of boxing in 1971, died at the age of 67 after battling hard against advanced stage liver cancer.

Former boxer nicknamed Smokin Joe had died in a hospital in Philadelphia on Tuesday (8/11) after convicted with liver cancer in October. The grief expressed by his personally managers, Leslie Wollf.

Earlier, on Monday (8/11), Wollf also explained that the condition of Frazier was critical. “We do everything we can. But, I’d be a liar if I didn’t tell you that the current condition is very serious,” says Wolff on Eurosport.

Frazier was known for three of the legendary Ali against dueling. Their first bout occurred in 1971, and the third fight in 1975 in Manila and lasts very brutal, so got the nickname Thrilla in Manila. Then Frazier lost after round 15th.

Frazier was also included in the United States contingent on the Olympics and won the gold medal. He won his first eleven fights by knock-out. In 1968 he defeated Buster Mathis in Madison Square Garden. For several years after that Frazier six times fought defending the title.

Goodbye, Smokin Joe.

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