OMG, Orangutan With 104 Bullets In His Body:


OMG, Orangutan With 104 Bullets In His Body

Orangutan that shoots with more than 100 bullets are now going through the recovery process. Aan, the orangutan, shot by a local farmer uses rifle gun as he toured around oil palm plantations in Borneo.

Orangutan, with an estimated 15-year-old, was rescued by a conservation officer. They found there were 104 bullets lodged in his vital organs, including the eyes and ears. X-ray shows how horrible the shooters cruel. The vet managed to lift 37 bullets from his head, and 67 more bullets from his body.

Endangered orangutans suffered blindness after successive attacks. Aan underwent a three-hour procedure to deal with gunshot wounds and are now recovering. Zulfiqri, a veterinarian from the Orangutan Foundation based in the UK, lifting 32 rifle bullets in the body and head, in the surgery that took place in Central Kalimantan BKSDA office in Pangkalan Bun, Central Borneo.

He is now able to eat and drink and demonstrated remarkable resilience over all he has been through. Unfortunately, he blindness. The scan also shows there are still a dozen bullets embedded in or around the eyes. Water and food have to be touched or placed directly in the his hands.

Orangutan With 104 Bullets In His Body

Orangutan Foundation says Aan not be released back into the wild because he would be an easy target for hunters and farmers who will angry and see orangutans as pests. Story Aan is another tragic example of the fate that must be faced by orangutans because of their habitat destroyed.

Although its existence is protected by law, orangutans live in tropical forests are destroyed by logging and conversion to oil palm plantations. Hopefully, the story of Aan can raise awareness of how cruel the conditions that must be faced by orangutans in the wild, as well as encourage the enactment of severe punishment for those who hunt and kill endangered animals.

Earlier this year, four men jailed for 8 months for shooting and beating three orangutans and a long nose monkey to death in East Kalimantan. Bambang Hartono, head of the local conservation office, said Hopefully Aan now feel more comfortable in the woods, despite living in a large cage. Together with the Orangutan Foundation, we will find the best way for Aan could continue to live.

Ashley Leiman OBE, director of the Orangutan Foundation added: We’ve worked in Borneo for 20 years, but never had to save three orangutans in four days. The cause of this increase in intensity could be due to loss of orangutan habitat or because the more people that report to the agency about orangutan conservation, whereas previously they could instantly kill the orangutan.

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